Monthly Archives: June 2017

Requests for leave of absence during term-time

The following guidance has been received from Derbyshire County Council regarding the above, which we have been asked to pass on to our parents/carers.

School is only able to grant requests for leave of absence during term time for exceptional circumstances.  Leave of absence request forms can be obtained from the School Office or from the school website.  If the leave of absence is due to a holiday, the form must be submitted before booking the holiday.  Please note the new guidance (above) which comes into effect on 1 September 2017.

Belper School trips and visits

During the course of an academic year, Belper School organises and runs a large number and variety of trips, residentials and excursions.  Following recent national and international events there is understandably some concern over times when students travel away from school on organised visits.

As a school we wish to reassure you that the planning around these events is always thorough, detailed and takes on the latest advice, support and guidance from the relevant authorities and organisations.  The current stance from DfE and DCC is that trips should run as normal and that appropriate risk assessments, action planning and health and safety measures take place.  Belper School will continue to be rigorous in its planning and operation of these events to ensure that students can fully take part in the wider aspects of school life and education.