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Due to the powercut which occurred locally overnight, we are currently unable to access any messages left on the school absence line.  If you have an absence to report, please call the school on 01773 825281, selecting Option 2 for the School Office.

UPDATE:  Please be aware that this is also affecting internet access, so we are currently unable to access emails.  Our team are working on this at the moment.  For anything urgent, please contact the school on 01773 825281 and select Option 2 for the School Office.


UPDATED: Last day of half-term – Friday 23 March 2018

On the last day of this half-term, Friday 23 March 2018, students will spend the morning in lessons as timetabled.

The school day will finish at 1.10pm, following afternoon registration, and students will be permitted to leave.   School buses will be operating their normal timetable, with the exception of the 360 Harpur’s Coaches service to Bargate, Parks Estate and Milford which will leave from the bus stop opposite the Leisure Centre at 1.15pm.  For those students unable to leave early, there will be supervised activities until the normal end of the school day at 3.00pm.

Students return to school on Tuesday 10 April 2018 (Monday 9 April 2018 is an INSET day) which will be timetable week 2.

Students returning to school following an injury or operation

Please note that at least 24 hours’ notice must be given to school if your child has had an injury/operation and is planning to return to school on crutches, with a sling/cast or in a wheelchair.

We will then contact you to arrange a meeting between yourselves, your child and school to ensure that we have the opportunity to …

  • assess your child’s requirements and make arrangements for them to safely access the necessary areas in school during lesson and social time
  • discuss with you any aspects of the curriculum they are unable to participate in for the period of their recovery (such as PE or Drama) and make alternative arrangements for them to study/be supervised as appropriate
  • ascertain whether your child requires any medication/pain relief whilst at school and complete the appropriate documentation
  • ensure your child is aware of what action they need to take in the event of an emergency

As students will not be able to return to school until this meeting has taken place, we would appreciate parents/carers’ assistance by giving us as much notice as possible.


Year 9 Parent Consultation Evening

We are currently looking to reschedule the above event, which was postponed last week due to the closure of the school.

As soon as we have further details, we will post them here and on the school’s Twitter feed.