School Report 2014

Extra Curricular Activities- P.E

At Belper school, there are lots of extra curricular activities open to all students no matter what age or ability.Some of these opportunities are found in the P.E department.

There are a varity of different after school and lunch time clubs available to all students to attend, creating an chance for students to practace and develop skills in a range of sports. These sports include;Netball, Hockey, Football, Rugby and Table Tennis.

As most sports are suited to different parts of the year, the clubs that are open to students change with the seasons and therefore the weather. For example, as Hockey is best suited to the winter months, this is when the club is run.

The clubs are run by teachers specially suited or trained in that particular sport, this helps the atendees recieve the best possible coaching and tips for improvement.

Getting involved in an  extra curricular activites in the P.E department can be a great way to help keep fit and healthy, but can also be a good way to fill any spare time that would otherwise be wasted. However, despite this just being a fun, positive way to spend time doing a productive activity. When you attend a club in the P.E department and prove youself to be a consistant, trustable member of the club, you may be given the opportunity to play in a fixture in your sport and represent the school in a team. This is a great way to not only gain confidence in yourself and your abilities, but to see for yourself what it is like to play in a game against people that you may not otherwise know.

Through attending these clubs there are many rewards and awards that you may recieve. These include Sports person of the month for a certain teacher or an award  for outstanding achievement or effort at the end of year award ceremony for your year. But this does not mean that you can only get these accolades in the P.E department. each department in Belper has their equivelent to these awards.

Tacking these opportunities is a great way to gain new experiences and skills, make new friends and possibly a brighter future.


CREST Awards

There are lots of different extra curricular opportunities to take part in at Belper School other than sports and music. The science and technology departments have teamed up to make an activity called the CREST Awards. The CREST Awards is a club that takes place on Thursday lunch times from 1:00-1:35pm. It is mainly a programme all about architecture and learning to design different types of buildings and houses. In the CREST Awards there is also a number of different groups to choose from if your application doesn’t succeed to getting into the architecture area of the programme all to do with different types of technology and science.



Vocab Express

Vocab Express is a website used in language classes mostly for homework. They recently made a challenge to see which school could get the highest score on the website. Belper school came 5th out of all the schools which entered with a total of 337,445 points, the winners got 962,180 points. The challenge lasted a week from the 6th of march to the 13th of march. We got an interview with the person who did the second best in the entire school only beaten by 45 points. This is the interview.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Belper School’s drama department are currently rehearsing their performance of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. We went down drama and interviewed Sarah, drama teacher and play-putter-onner.

Megan: When and where is the show taking place?

Sarah: On Wednesday the 18th of June and Thursday the 19th of June in the school hall.

M: Did a lot of people take an interest in being a part of the performance?

S: Over fifty people turned up at the auditioned, It was amazing I was overwhelmed! I really didn’t expect that number of people.

M: What makes this performance different to the rest?

S: Well it’s Shakespeare and it’s rather a difficult challenge but they are doing brilliantly and already they are remembering their lines and they’re really committed.

M: Why did you choose to do A Midsummer Night’s Dream?

S: Because there`s lots of creative opportunities and there`s lots of opportunities for people to get involved. It`s also a challenge.

M: Does it take a lot of effort to make this play? And why?

S: There’s lots of people involved: there`s a technical team; design people; make up people doing costumes; people doing sound; people doing drama and so with out those people it wouldn’t  be possible.

M: When did you decide to become a drama teacher and when did you decide you liked drama?

S: I did my Teacher Training in 1999 and I did my first play, My Fair Lady, in Year 7 and I was a flower girl.

Interview by Megan and Ted.

Craft club details

Belper School has a full range of activities to do both during lunchtime, and after school. Craft club is a relatively new one and has been very popular. We interviewed the creator of craft club and languages teacher, Johanna.

M-“Why did you choose to start your own craft club?”
J-“Because I really like doing crafts and because I wanted to share it with other people.”
M.-“Do you do a lot of craft at home?”
J.-“Not in term time but in the holidays I like sewing.”
M-” When did you first have an interest in craft?”
J-“My Mum was an art and textiles teacher and she was always making and sewing outfits for me and my twin sister. I’ve been doing it forever.”
M-“What is your favorite craft?”
J-“I don’t know whether I have a favorite at the moment but making sock monkeys has been a favorite of my life.”
M-“Do you think the members enjoy craft club and why?”
J-“I think they enjoy it because it is something different and they get to produce something they can take home in the end.”

With such an interesting diverse of activities it’s no wonder the students at Belper School enjoy school so much.