Craft club details

Belper School has a full range of activities to do both during lunchtime, and after school. Craft club is a relatively new one and has been very popular. We interviewed the creator of craft club and languages teacher, Johanna.

M-“Why did you choose to start your own craft club?”
J-“Because I really like doing crafts and because I wanted to share it with other people.”
M.-“Do you do a lot of craft at home?”
J.-“Not in term time but in the holidays I like sewing.”
M-” When did you first have an interest in craft?”
J-“My Mum was an art and textiles teacher and she was always making and sewing outfits for me and my twin sister. I’ve been doing it forever.”
M-“What is your favorite craft?”
J-“I don’t know whether I have a favorite at the moment but making sock monkeys has been a favorite of my life.”
M-“Do you think the members enjoy craft club and why?”
J-“I think they enjoy it because it is something different and they get to produce something they can take home in the end.”

With such an interesting diverse of activities it’s no wonder the students at Belper School enjoy school so much.