Tutor Review Day Feedback

As part of the Tutor Review Day last year, we asked parents/carers attending appointments to complete a short survey to obtain their views on various aspects of their son/daughter’s school life.

The results of the survey were collated, and these are shown below in graph format for your information.

My child receives appropriate homework for their age (large)

My child makes good progress at Belper School (large)

My child is well looked after at Belper School (large)

My child is happy at Belper School (large)

Belper School is well led and managed (large)

Belper School makes sure its students are well behaved (large)

Belper School responds well to any concerns I raise (large)

I receive valuable information from school about my child's progress (large)

My child feels safe at Belper School (large)

Belper School deals effectively with bullying (large)