We value all students equally, regardless of ability or background. Good relationships are at the heart of what we do. By setting high expectations within a supportive environment, we aim to produce well-rounded, confident young people ready to face the future.

In giving our students an enhanced degree of freedom and the ability to express their individuality, we expect them to show maturity, self-reliance and concern for others.

An outline of the curriculum for each key stage can be found below with additional detail available under the section of the website headed ‘Faculties’.  Please contact the Assistant Headteacher Curriculum for more detail regarding the overview.  For subject specific detail please contact the appropriate Head of Faculty via the school office.


Please read our prospectuses to find out more about what we offer students at Belper School.  New prospectuses will be published here as and when they become available.

Belper School Prospectus

Secondary National Curriculum

Year 9 Options Booklet 2015 Entry
Year 9 Option Form 2015 Entry

Belper Sixth Form Prospectus 2016-2018 (for September 2016 entry to the Sixth Form)

For information

Year 9 Options Booklet 2014
Year 9 Option Form 2014



You can access information on the Department for Education National Curriculum by clicking here.

Curriculum Offer

Key Stage 3 Curriculum Offer

Key Stage 4 Curriculum Offer

Key Stage 5 Curriculum Offer