Key Stage 4 Curriculum Offer

In Key Stage 4 most students study for at least 9 qualifications.  These include core (compulsory) subjects and optional choices which students select from a wide range of subjects in the spring term of Year 9. Students study four optional subjects for the whole of Key Stage 4.  The school cycle has a 2 week timetable comprising 50 lessons per cycle (25 one hour lessons per week).  The numbers next to each subject listed below denote the number of curriculum hours allocated to that subject over the 50 period cycle.

Compulsory Subjects

All students have to study:

  • English Language and English Literature 9
  • Mathematics 8
  • Science 9
  • Either History or Geography 5
  • PSE (Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education – also includes RE) 2
  • Physical Education (core) 2

Additionally, many students are selected to study the Modern Foreign Language they started in Key Stage 3 as one of their four option subjects. Students who are not required by the school to select a language may choose to do so as one of their options.

Optional Subjects

We offer a range of courses to suit different students.  Some subjects might be regarded as quite traditional and academic, whilst others are more practical or vocational.  The key advice we give to students is to keep a balance of choices amongst a wide range of curriculum areas.  Students hoping to apply to university in the future are advised to follow all elements of the English Baccalaureate, which includes the following subjects: Mathematics, English, two Sciences, one of which may be Computing, a Foreign Language and History or Geography.  Some students are required by the school to follow this route.

Optional subjects are allocated five curriculum hours over the 50 period cycle. For more information, please see the appropriate Year 9 Options Booklet for students who started KS4 in September 2017 (current Year 11) or September 2018 (current Year10).