Road closures on A6 at Milford – 360 Harpurs School bus service

We are aware that there are several road closures on the A6 at Milford and surrounding areas.

The 360 Harpurs Service which leaves from opposite the Leisure Centre (and goes to Openwoodgate, Bargate, Belper Parks Estate, Milford and Duffield) is affected and is being re-routed.  This service will now leave the school, go down in to Belper, along the A6 then up Gibfield Lane (opposite Belper Rugby Club) to the White Hart at Bargate.  It will then turn towards Makeney, Milford and Duffield.

Students who use this bus service are being briefed towards the end of the school day regarding this change, and will contact parents/carers if they need collecting from school or are unsure as to how to get home.