Careers Programme Information

Latest news and opportunities

Periodically, we receive information from local businesses, other educational establishments and providers.  The latest information and opportunities are placed on Google Classroom for students to access and includes details of College and Further Education Open Evenings which we are aware of.


Careers services at Belper School

The School Careers Guidance library is situated off the main school library and contains a wide range of materials in a range of formats. The information will help you to make decisions about the path you want your life to take whether you are looking for a job or looking to go into further or higher education.

Visiting the library is the first step towards making plans for your life and learning to make those plans become a reality.

Eleanor Snape, a fully qualified Careers Leader and Adviser works in the Careers Guidance library on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 08.30 to 16.30.

Her role is to support students, teachers and student’s families with all aspects of careers and work related learning. You do not need an appointment, just drop in and see her at break, lunch or after school. Or email

We  also buy in the services of an independent external  careers adviser who works closely with Eleanor and all school staff.


Licensed careers guidance packages:

Belper School funds two careers guidance packages for use by all students. These packages will help students to research both careers and university courses. JED is an interactive careers encyclopedia and Higher Ideas helps you to understand university subjects and provides information, including weblinks to all courses and universities.

Click here to log into the packages via weblearn


Careers books to borrow from the school library:

A number of books can be borrowed from the school library. These are written by experts and cover specific careers or give in depth advice on getting into university courses eg  police, medicine, paramedic.

You can see which books are available as follows –

  1.  Select the Library icon from Belper School Student Hub   
  2. Write careers in the search box and select subject. Then press search.

Internet links

A large amount of careers and course information is available on the internet. The following links are ones which school recommend as a starting point:

Derby College: college website with access to prospectus and on line application form. –

Chesterfield College: college website with access to prospectus and on line application form

Find an apprenticeship – GOV.UK   search by postcode  and apply for apprenticeships in England.

Becoming an apprentice – GOV.UK   what to expect, apprenticeship levels, pay and training, making an application, complaining about an apprenticeship
A guide to post-16 subject options from The Russell Group (a group of some of the top UK universities). Use with discretion and common sense: main application is for students looking at gaining top end GCSE and A Level grades and wanting to apply to top universities.

UCAS Higher Education website used for applying to university and containing a great deal of advice on the whole process for students, parents and professionals. Includes course search and advise on how to choose a university course.

Prospects Graduate Careers: Careers information for graduates. Check out what careers different degrees could lead to and how to get into those careers.

Notgoingtouni: Information, ideas and vacancies for young people who do not want to go to university. Contains some advertising but also lots of inspiring ideas for anyone who wants to “think out of the box”.

What Work Derbyshire: Information on work availability in Derbyshire, presented in an attractive digital magazine format for young people aged 13 – 19.

National Careers Service: Job Profiles : An area of the National Careers Service website containing a very large number of job profiles giving you essential information on what the jobs involve and how to get into them.

i Explore life’s opportunities, take the Buzz personality profile or watch career films and features from real people in real jobs, sharing their stories, to give you ideas and inspiration for the future.


Services and NHS

Rules about leaving school and planning for the future beyond Year 11

In the past, students had the option to leave education after Year 11. Now they need to stay in some kind of education or training until their 18th birthday. This does not mean students need to stay in school. The main options to choose from are:

  • Full time education at a school or college
  • Apprenticeship or traineeship
  • Training leading to an apprenticeship or traineeship.

If you have questions in relation to this please contact Eleanor Snape

To access our Year 11 Information page, please click here.


Impartial and independent careers guidance

There is a duty on schools to secure independent careers guidance from a range of sources, for all year 8-13 students  so that they are inspired and motivated to fulfill their potential.

Young people at Belper School are entitled to receive:

  • Opportunities to learn about the world of work – including real life contacts
  • Career and Work Related Education to help develop skills and knowledge needed to manage their transition into future learning and work
  • Impartial advice and information on all available options , including further learning, apprenticeships, training and employment
  • Support and guidance to devise a career plan for the future
  • Support and guidance  to  put relevant plans in place for a transition into learning or work, on completion of their time at Belper School
  • The opportunity to have face to face careers advice and guidance from a qualified careers professional

See our Belper School Careers Guidance Policy for further information.