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NEW! Transition to Year 7 – September 2020 new starters

Hello and welcome to Belper School! 

Although the school is currently closed except for children of Key Workers and selected groups, we are busy preparing information for our new parents/carers and making arrangements for welcoming students due to start here in September 2020. 

We will be keeping our new parents/carers updated by text and email, and will also be updating this page with news, information and resources which we hope will be helpful to both parents/carers and students alike.  

Please continue to keep and eye on this page of our website for updates, and if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us by email to


Click on the links below for messages to students from all our new Year 7 tutors!




Adam's Tutor Message
Rebecca's Tutor Message
Sarah's Tutor Message
Steve's Tutor Message
Theo's Tutor Message



Monday 29 June 2020


John McCleery (Head of Year 7) will visit the Year 6 students at St Elizabeth’s School at 2.15pm on Wednesday 1 July 2020. John will meet the students on the field so they will need to bring a picnic blanket/deck chair to sit on. The visit will finish at 3.15pm.   This visit is weather dependent. If we do have to cancel and rearrange this, we will place a notice here by 12 noon on 1 July to let parents/carers know. 


Friday 19 June 2020

Parents/carers please view the Year 7 Parents Information Presentation below from John McCleery, our Head of Year 7.


Thursday 11 June 2020

Information packs have now been sent out to all of our new parents/carers containing details of their child’s tutor group and language allocation.  Copies of the pack contents can be viewed/downloaded by clicking on the appropriate documents below …


Monday 8 June 2020:

Message from John McCleery, Head of Year 7, and Tracy Revill, Student Services Manager

We will be sending you an information pack through the post shortly, which will contain further details regarding transition arrangements and details of your child’s tutor group. This pack will also contain an admissions form for you to complete  – details of how you can return this to us are contained in the letter.

We continue to be committed to looking at ways we can meet with our new students before September and are working with primary schools to explore how we can do this.  In the meantime, you and your child may like to view the videos below which give you an opportunity to have a virtual visit around school and listen to some of our current students answer frequently asked questions.  If you have any further questions for us, why not email these through to and we’ll update our video with answers.

John and Tracy

With special thanks to Dan (Year 12) for taking the video, Amy (Year 11) for singing so beautifully, and

to John Speight (Computing teacher) for playing all the instruments in the accompanying music.

With special thanks to our students who helped with this Q&A session.

Letters to parents/carers

Letter to new parents/carers from John McCleery, Head of Year 7 2020-2021 – 14 May 2020

Useful links…

Parentzone – How to prepare for secondary school life after lockdown

Numerise – lets get secondary ready

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Sports Day?

Yes. Sports Day takes place in the Summer term over 2 days with competitors from each Tutor Group invited to take part. There are a mixture of field and track events on the school field.

How long do lessons last?

One hour per lesson. Break time is 20 minutes and Lunchtime is 45 minutes.

Will I get a planner and how do I use it?

Yes. You will be given a planner by your form tutor on your first day in September. Your planner is very important and can be used to record homework. It can be used to record notes from your parents/carers. It also provides you with useful information about the school e.g. your timetable and permission to leave lesson pages. Your parents/carers are expected to sign your planner weekly, your form tutor will check this with you.

Can we go on the field at the back of School?

Yes. The field is available in Spring and Summer  time. It is an ideal space for playing sports and socialising with your friends.  Maureen, one of our midday supervisors, supervises the field.

Can I use my phone?

Yes. You can use your phone during break and lunch. Your phone should be switched off and in your bag during lesson time.

Are there lunch clubs I can join?

Yes. We offer lots of clubs both at lunch and after school. These include; sports clubs, IT, dance, creative writing, musical theatre and live action role-play etc.

What do I do if I lose or forgot my lunch money?

It’s not a problem. You can ask any member of staff for help and our Senior Midday Supervisor, Jo, will be happy to lend you money to buy some food.

What are the timings of the school day?

School starts with registration at 08:40 it is recommended you arrive no later than 08:35. You will spend the first 15 minutes of the day with your tutor. Lessons start at 08:55 and last for one hour. You have 2 lessons before break. Break time starts at 10:55 and lasts for 20 minutes. Period 3 begins at 11:15 and last until 12:15. Lunch lasts for 45 minutes. It starts at 12:15 and finishes at 1pm. Then period 4 starts at 1 and ends at 2. Period 5 starts at 2 and ends at 3.  3 is the time the school day ends.

Can I bring my bike to school?

Yes. There are bike racks at the main school entrance and outside the humanities block. You are required to lock your bike. Please be careful cycling to school.

How do I pay for lunch?

You pay in cash. There is a wide variety of cold and hot food choices. You can also bring your own lunch to school, if you do this, you won’t need money.

What happens if I’m late?

If you are late, it will be recorded in your planner at Student Reception. Reception will give you a late stamp and record the time of your arrival in your planner. If you get too many of these you will be given an after school detention.

Did you find the first few weeks stressful?

I was worried before I started, as it was all new.  My biggest worry was getting lost, but I made friends quickly, learned my way around the building and my tutor was really supportive and helpful. Just remember everyone is in the same boat and it take a little time to learn your way around. Staff will always help you.

Where do I go if I’m ill?

If you feel unwell speak to any member of staff who will take you to Student Reception and they will arrange for you to go to the medical room. Jayne or Jacqui will help you from there.

What equipment will I need?

You will need a pencil case, ruler, pens (at least 2), pencils (at least 2), rubber, colouring pencils, felt tips and sharpener, protractor and calculator. Your tutor will do regular equipment checks with you. You will need you PE kit on the days you have PE.

What subjects do we study?

You will study; English, Maths, RE, History, Geography, Art, Music, Technology, Science, a Language, Drama, PE, IT, PSE.

How much homework will we get?

Most subjects will set homework on a weekly or fortnightly basis. You need to record any homework set in your planner and ensure you hand it in on time.

What does my tutor do?

Your tutor is there to support you and help you with any questions you might have. They will be your first port of call if you have any problems or worries.

Will someone help me understand my timetable?

Yes your tutor will go through this with you on your first day. The timetable runs on a fortnightly basis.

What can I wear?

There is no school uniform. We do have a school dress code. You can were what you feel comfortable in. You should not wear anything with inappropriate language or images. We do not allow hats in school. You need to dress appropriately. If you are unsure you can ask your tutor about what is acceptable.

Where are the bus stops?

There are 2 school bus stops. One at the back of school at the art gate and the other is at the front of school by the road. You need to be sensible while waiting for your bus.