Vision and Values



Belper School is committed to providing an outstanding educational experience in all aspects. It strives to have the highest standards on a consistent basis and aims to be recognised as a centre of excellence. Belper School aims to provide an educational setting that enables every person to achieve their full potential within a supportive, caring and aspirational setting, so that they leave the school fully equipped to be a rounded citizen who can make a full contribution to a dynamic and diverse modern Britain and world community. It strives to be innovative, ambitious and forward-thinking and to demonstrate that achievement can be gained through hard work and positivity.

At its core Belper School has an ethos that is built on respect, inclusivity and responsibility, nurturing students to be individuals within a family approach. Central to this ethos is a focus on relationships which demonstrate mutual respect and equality. The school places value on treating each other, and our environment, with care, dignity and compassion, so that as members of the school and wider community we can make a difference. The ethos is student-centred, empowering people to have confidence to participate and engage.

Belper School has a determination for all students to fulfil their potential and experience success. There is a commitment to high quality learning and teaching that challenges and inspires all, ensuring that individual needs are met and that students can make progress, develop and grow to make a valued and positive contribution to society. Emphasis is placed on a broad and balanced curriculum that enables horizons to be broadened and promotes independence, creativity and enjoyment. At the school there is a passionate belief in providing diverse and rich opportunities and encouraging students to step up and participate in what is on offer. There is a drive to celebrate success and take pride in, and reward, effort and achievement.

Core Values


The following core values underpin Belper School’s vision, policies and practice:

– We believe that we should always strive to be outstanding in all aspects and desire to achieve excellence in all that we do
– We value a high quality and inspiring learning environment and share responsibility in developing and sustaining this
– We believe in a positive culture and ethos that is supportive and caring and therefore enables all to participate, achieve and be happy, through high standards of effort and manners
– We believe in mutual respect, equality and opportunity for all, and we recognise that every person is individual and should be valued
– We believe in the importance of the social, moral, spiritual and cultural development of students and celebrate diversity
– We value honesty, fairness and tolerance within our relationships and our actions, promoting the importance of teamwork throughout the school
– We believe that every person should be given responsibility for their contribution to the school and wider community, and be enabled to exercise this responsibility
– We constantly aim for excellence to enable every individual to achieve success, being enthusiastic and taking pride in our efforts and our achievements
– We believe in fulfilling our potential and helping others realise theirs, aiming to make a difference by exceeding expectation and celebrating all achievement
– We value our clean, safe, orderly and well disciplined school and know that we each have a role to play in creating it