Classroom Expectations

Our Classroom Expectations link directly to our Curriculum Aims:

  • Inspire our students to have a boundless curiosity and a love of learning with our broad choice of subjects and rich content.
  • Instil a sense of belonging and community responsibility in a happy, safe and caring environment that celebrates diversity, underpinned by our ‘Respect for All, By All’ ethos.
  • Develop resilience, enabling students to overcome both academic and personal barriers.
  • Build independence and students’ belief in themselves, giving them the confidence to be who they are.
  • Ensure students have the opportunity to become ‘who they aspire to be’ and the best version of themselves by continually guiding them in how to improve towards their academic and personal goals and fulfil their potential

We assess how well students meet our Classroom Expectations with our Attitude to Learning Grades:

Exemplary Students have met all five of the expectations in every lesson
Good Students have met all five of the expectations in most lessons
Inconsistent Students have met some of the expectations in most lessons, or all five of them occasionally
Notice to Improve Students have often failed to meet some of the expectations in lessons