Parents Evening Bookings

Dear Parents and Carers,

We use an online booking system for our Parent/Carer Evening appointments. Parents/Carers will receive a letter advising when the online system will open and close for the relevant Parent/Carer Evening.

Please use the link below to book your appointments, however, please be aware that the system operates on a first come, first served basis.

Parents evening system for booking appointments

Our upcoming Y8 Parent Consultations on Thursday 16 June 2022 will be held online using video conferencing software. Appointments are 5 minutes long and are made in the usual way using the link above.

To attend the VC call with teachers follow these instructions:

  • Logins to the system are made via a unique Passcode (letters will be sent home with students).
  • You will be able to make 5-minute appointments with your child’s teachers. We kindly ask that you join at the start of your booked appointment time as the 5 minutes begins to countdown from the booked time and not from when you join the meeting.  The system will automatically disconnect the call when the 5 minutes is up. A timer will show you how much time is left.
  • You will be asked to enter your personal email address when logging on as confirmation of appointments will only be sent by email.
  • In order to make video calls you will need a device with a webcam, microphone and a reasonably up to date browser such as Chrome or IOS Safari.
  • To start your conference call with the teacher you will need to login to the Parents Evening System using a web browser as detailed above.  Please note that the system uses strict timings and you will enter a waiting room if you connect before your scheduled appointment start time.  The system will connect you to the teacher at the start of your appointment and it will disconnect automatically at the end of the appointment time.

Click here to see a video explaining the system in more detail.