Uniform Policy

Dress Code

Belper School and Sixth Form Centre does not have a uniform except for PE but we do have a dress code which includes the following:

  • Tops should be appropriate for school and not display any aspect of underwear, be too revealing or display any midriff
  • Legwear should be appropriate, not be too short or revealing, or display any aspect of underwear
    Patterned tights should be appropriate for school
  • Footwear should be appropriate for school and the activities being undertaken within school.
  • Flip-flops should not be worn at all and open backed and open toed footwear are not suitable for Technology
  • Coats should be removed in lessons. This includes jackets and other outer ‘coat-like’ garments but not jumpers or hoodies
  • Hoods from coats or other garments. should not be up over heads inside school