Year 9

Welcome to Year 9

Head of Year: Andy Robinson


Year 9 is an important part of the academic journey, with GCSE Option choices to be made. We work closely with all the students to ensure they feel informed and supported with the entire options process. Over the year we look at ways to utilise a variety of skills within all areas of school life and beyond such as developing teamwork, resilience and tenacity.

We hold an Options Evening in the Spring to ensure parents feel informed and supported also. We are confident that by working together as a pastoral team with our students and their parents we can deliver the best possible experience for all the members of the year group.


9KJA Karen Adams + Emily Bathie (ECT) H1
9PKA Paul Allen M5
9NJG Nicola Green S3
9EMF Emma Foster S9
9JGH Jenny Hulme S1
9PKT Phil Tonge MU1
9STM Steve Millar L5