Year 10

Welcome To Year 10

Head of Year : John McCleery


In Year 10 we strive to uphold the strong pastoral ethos that our school has always been based upon. We work as a team to ensure our students and their parents feel supported in all aspects of school life.

The tutors play an essential role in the school life of their tutees and form excellent working relationships with them. Our year group ethos is focussed on students enjoying their time in our school and taking the opportunities that we provide, doing their best every single day and also having aspirations for the future.

Year 10 is the start of the GCSE courses and is an important part of the education we provide. We will support the students throughout these examination years and help them to acheive the best results possible.


10SJB Sarah-Jayne Bettany S4
10TLK Tessa Kiesswetter L9
10STL Steve Lawes P7
10REN Rebecca Northage P1
10THP Theo Penhallurick L2
10 TLS Tamara Smith (8) + Mary James (2) E8
10ADW Adam Walton H9
10CSW Carlos Williams M1