Year 8

Welcome to Year 8

Head of Year : Neil Fordham

Following the year 7 transition, year 8 aims to push forward, extending our approach to ‘Creating our future’ in a mature and professional manner. We look at ways to utilise a variety of skills within all areas of school life and beyond such as developing teamwork, resilience and tenacity.

We all know that pastoral care is vital to the wellbeing and success of our students so we remain vigilant to issues and do our very best to resolve them as swiftly and efficiently as possible. The tutor team also strives to embed the expectations and good practices to allow students to fully access the broad and balanced curriculum that we offer.

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8CBU Claire Burgess S7
8KAT Kathryn Taylor S10
8KAD Kirsty Daniels H11
8RRS Ryan Sharp + Dan Haines (ECT) E4
8SRS Sarah Speight T1
8LJW Laura Wardle M7
8LNC Leanne Carter + Claire Bull P6/L4