Here at Belper School and Sixth Form Centre, we believe that homework is important for:

  • Consolidating, re-capping and revisiting knowledge and skills learnt in lessons, in order to know and remember more.
  • Building resilience and confidence through independent learning.
  • Teaching students effective revision techniques.
  • Improving literacy skills.

Homework at KS3

Every student in year 7,8 and 9 is issued with a Knowledge Organiser at the beginning of each half term. These booklets document all the key vocabulary, facts and knowledge that students will need to remember and recall during their lessons in each of their subjects.

Homework set in Years 7 – 9 will take a variety of forms and will reflect the information in the Knowledge Organisers.  Students will receive homework periodically depending on the structure of each individual subject.

Homework at KS4 and 5

Students working towards examinations will have more homework than they will have received during KS3. The type and frequency of homework will be dependent of the content of each subject. Students will be expected to keep to deadlines, especially in subjects where there are externally assessed coursework tasks.

Independent Study

Students in KS3 can use their Knowledge Organiser independently to for revision purposes using the techniques outlined in the booklets.

For extra study, students in all year groups can access the content on the Remote Learning Google Classroom to which they all have access.  The links on the Google Classroom will reflect the work being completed in lessons for each half term.

Students can also access online homework through Seneca, GCSE Pod and MathsWatch.

Students failing to complete homework

Homework tasks are often used in preparation for lessons, so students who do not complete the homework are at risk of not being able to access some of the content in their lessons.

Students who fail to complete homework will have this recorded on Cloud School and may be asked to stay behind with their class teacher to complete the missed work.  Parents will be informed if completion of homework becomes a problem.

Reading Journeys

Students from all year groups are encouraged to read everyday to complete their Reading Journey. See the Literacy and Reading page for more details.