Knowledge Organisers

Every student in Years 7,8 and 9 have been issued with a Knowledge Organiser, which contains all the new key vocabulary and facts they need to be able to remember for each unit of work in a half term.  Each subject has its own set of pages, which teachers have written to follow the curriculum being taught that half term. The Knowledge Organiser does not capture everything that is covered in lessons but outlines the key information that students will need to remember.

Here is an example Knowledge organiser from this half term.

The Knowledge Organiser can be used in a variety of ways to help students remember or apply the information.

Class teachers will tell students how they would like them to use the Knowledge Organiser for a memory boost task each week. Examples will be given of how to complete the task.

The variety of methods used will help students to better remember the information needed for each unit of work.  An added bonus is that students will develop revision skills at the same time, building up a variety of revision techniques that can be used independently when it is time to revise for tests and exams.  Students will be able to check how well they have remembered through short retrieval activities and quizzes in their lessons.

Our Knowledge Organisers are distributed each half term.  Students should keep them in their folders reference and revision.

Find this term’s Knowledge Organisers by following the links below: