Year 11 Revision sessions – 6 June to 24 June 2016

Students are strongly urged to attend the following revision sessions where they can, but note that in some cases sessions may clash with exams in other subjects.

Monday 6 June is an INSET day but students are expected to attend the English revision session on that day.  Refreshments will be available for students at 11.30am following the History exam. School buses will not run on this day.

Date Time Subject
Monday 6 June INSET Day 12.00pm – 1.30pm English Language
Tuesday 7 June 1.00pm – 3.00pm Triple Science
Tuesday 7 June 1.00pm – 3.00pm Child Development
Wednesday 8 June 11.15am – 12.15pm Maths
Thursday 9 June 1.00pm – 3.00pm Dual & Triple Science
Friday 10 June 9.55am – 12.15pm Triple Science
Friday 10 June 1.00pm  – 1.45pm Relaxation Session*
Monday 13 June 9.55am – 12.15pm Additional Applied Science
Monday 13 June 1.00pm  – 1.45pm History
Tuesday 14 June 9.55am – 12.15pm Additional Applied Science
Wednesday 15 June 9.55am – 12.15pm Additional Applied Science
Wednesday 15 June 9.55am – 12.15pm Dual & Triple Science
Thursday 16 June 9.55am – 12.15pm Dual & Triple Science
Friday 17 June 9.55am – 12.15pm Triple Science
Friday 17 June 1.00pm  – 1.45pm Relaxation Session*
Monday 20 June 9.55am – 12.15pm Triple Science
Tuesday 21 June 9.55am – 12.15pm Triple Science
Wednesday 22 June 9.55am – 12.15pm Triple Science
Thursday 23 June 9.55am – 12.15pm Triple Science

* Relaxation sessions are group sessions open to all Y11 students. One-to-one relaxation sessions also available by arrangement with Claire Schofield.

Hospitality and Catering will be delivering lessons as normal up until the exam on Monday 13 June and Graphic Products will be delivering lessons as normal up until the exam on Tuesday 21 June.

Last minute revision sessions have proven very effective and students should try to make as many as possible to improve their chances of success and save time during this busy period.  Clearly attending some sessions may not be possible given the inevitable clashes with exams.

Visit to School from Mel Morris – Thursday 19 May 2016

Mel Morris, Chairman and owner of Derby County Football Club Ltd and Non-Executive Chairman of King Digital Entertainment plc developers of the Candy Crush game, visited Belper School and Sixth Form Centre on 19 May 2016.

He gave an inspirational talk to our Year 10 students and is pictured below with Jo Hawkyard, Assistant Headteacher and Freya Fowles, Lead Teacher for More Able Students.

Visit from Mel Morris 2016-05-19

Partnership Governor Vacancy

The Governing Body of Belper School and Sixth Form Centre is seeking nominations for a Partnership Governor to take up a term of office for four years from 1st September 2016.

Partnership Governors are appointed by the governing body, which must seek nominations from the parents/carers/legal guardians of registered students at the school and such others in the community as it considers appropriate.  Individuals are only eligible to be nominated if the person nominating them believes that they have the skills needed to contribute to the effective governance and success of the school.

There are some restrictions about who is eligible to serve in this category: parents/carers/legal guardians of students at the school, anyone eligible to be a staff governor, elected members of the LA, employees of the LA in posts connected with education functions or registered pupils, are not eligible for appointment as a partnership governor.

The School requires that nominees have the desirable governor competencies as adopted by the Governing Body and the preferable skills of local business links, knowledge of the regional economy and experience of board management.

A nomination form can be downloaded from the school website or by clicking on the link below.

Partnership Governor Nomination Form


Completed forms should be sent to the Clerk to Governors, Belper School & Sixth Form Centre, John O’ Gaunts Way, Belper, Derbyshire, DE5 0DA by Friday 17 June 2016.

Meetings usually take place on Thursday evenings at 6.30pm to 8.30pm (six Full Governor meetings  plus committee meetings per year).  Governors are required to undergo a DBS safeguarding check on appointment.

Further information can be obtained by contacting the Headteacher at the school on 01773 825281.


Desirable Competencies for Governors

The long term plan for our Governing Body is to have a wide range of desirable competencies. Our aim is to have a team of governors who will have a cross section of strengths in the areas listed below. Ideally individual members will have strengths in one or more of these areas which will ensure a full set of competencies are held. Therefore governors are not expected to be proficient in all but only in some!

General and strategic management

  • Leads the development of strategic plans.
  • Able to identify viable options and select or recommend those most likely to achieve the school’s goals and objectives.

Personnel administration

  • Understands the recruitment process (safeguarding children module).
  • Understands disciplinary issues.
  • Identifies the need for training.
  • Understands employee performance management reviews.

Financial management and accountability

  • Has a clear understanding of best financial management practice and school performance compared to it.
  • Understands our own and statutory financial requirements for the school.
  • Understands and can undertake budget setting and budget monitoring activities.

Development of policy documents

  • Has a commitment to the policies required by law.
  • Encourages the school to improve on standards.

Interpretation of the law and legal issues

  • Awareness of child protection and looked after children issues.
  • Awareness of health and safety and risk assessment issues.
  • Knowledge of the special educational needs (SEN) process and the desired requirements by law.

Knowledge of the media 

  • Understands the importance or communicating the schools performance to stakeholders.
  • Has the ability to promote the school and its achievements to the media.

Ability to be a critical friend

  • Has a commitment to the school and the work of the governing body.
  • Presents information and views clearly and influentially to others.


It is recommended that all new governors attend induction training and any other relevant training courses available to all governors. For details of all training courses please contact the school.




More success for Belper School at national level

Hot on the heels of success in the Tech Partnership’s Wearable Tech competitions, students have again achieved success in a national competition.

A team of students at school has won a group award in Manchester University’s prestigious Animation 16 competition, for their animation A Bad Download .

Many congratulations to all those concerned, and also to Computing Teacher John Speight for all his support.

To read more about the competition click here.


Belper School wins National Tech Partnership Wearable Tech Competition

Well done to our team of Year Nine students who recently won the Wearable Tech Competition run by the Tech Partnership with their Power Shirt.

Huge congratulations to all those involved, including Computing Teacher John Speight.

The  winning t-shirt design (pictured below) was conceived to help young people measure how much they exercise against recommended guidelines. It rewards wearers for taking steps by playing music, and by lighting sections of a motif that can be personalised.

To read all more about the Power Shirt and and the competition please click here.



Year 8 and 9 HPV vaccinations for female students

With effect from September 2015, The School Age Immunisation Service for Derbyshire has been responsible for providing all immunisations for children and young people who are of school age.

In secondary schools, all Year 8 and Year 9 female students will be offered HPV vaccinations, and the Immunisation Service will be visiting school on Wednesday 6 July 2016 to deliver these.

A consent form will be coming home with your daughter on Friday 29 April 2016. You will need to complete and return this form, even if you do not wish your daughter to receive the vaccination.  Forms need to be returned to School Office as soon as possible and by no later than Monday 9 May 2016. 

 We are aware some Year 9 students may already have received the first dose of this vaccination.  If this is the case, please still complete the form to give your consent for the second dose.   The immunisation team has access to vaccination records for all children at school, so will be aware of your daughter’s vaccination history.


As the NHS have arranged for these vaccinations to be delivered in school, these are no longer offered routinely at the GP surgery.

You can view/download the NHS leaflets ‘Your guide to the HPV vaccination’ and ‘Immunisation for Young People’ by clicking the links below.  Paper copies of these are also available on request from the School Office.

Your guide to the HPV vaccination
Immunisations for Young People

If you have any medical queries, please contact the School Age Immunisation Team direct on 01283 707170 and select option 3.