Belper School trips and visits

During the course of an academic year, Belper School organises and runs a large number and variety of trips, residentials and excursions.  Following recent national and international events there is understandably some concern over times when students travel away from school on organised visits.

As a school we wish to reassure you that the planning around these events is always thorough, detailed and takes on the latest advice, support and guidance from the relevant authorities and organisations.  The current stance from DfE and DCC is that trips should run as normal and that appropriate risk assessments, action planning and health and safety measures take place.  Belper School will continue to be rigorous in its planning and operation of these events to ensure that students can fully take part in the wider aspects of school life and education.

Upcoming general election and education messages

A number of schools across the country have published information regarding funding and how budgets have been affected by recent constraints and economic difficulties.  In these publications they have suggested that parents pay close attention to the education messages being given by all the different political parties leading up to the general election. The governors of Belper School and Sixth Form Centre have been managing funding reductions over a number of years, taking proportionate measures to support the smooth financial running of the school. However the latest funding and cost increase projections indicate that this school, in common with many schools across the country, will now struggle to balance the books in the difficult years ahead. The governors are concerned about the projected financial situation and consequently the school supports the wider suggestions of studying the educational standpoints of all the parties as the election date approaches

UPDATED: Year 8 and 9 HPV vaccinations for female students

Update – date change: Please note that the immunisation service will now be visiting school on Thursday 6 July 2017 to deliver these vaccinations.


With effect from September 2015, The School Age Immunisation Service for Derbyshire has been responsible for providing all immunisations for children and young people who are of school age.

In secondary schools, all Year 8 and Year 9 female students will be offered HPV vaccinations, and the Immunisation Service will be visiting school on Thursday 6 July 2017 to deliver these.

A consent form has been sent home.  If you have not yet completed and returned these to the School Office, please could you do so as soon as possible.

We are aware some Year 9 students may already have received the first dose of this vaccination.  If this is the case, please still complete the form to give your consent for the second dose.   The immunisation team has access to vaccination records for all children at school, so will be aware of students’ vaccination history.


As the NHS have arranged for these vaccinations to be delivered in school, these are no longer offered routinely at the GP surgery.

You can view/download the NHS leaflets ‘Your guide to the HPV vaccination’ and ‘Immunisation for Young People’ by clicking the links below.  Paper copies of these are also available on request from the School Office.

Your guide to the HPV vaccination
Immunisations for Young People

If you have any medical queries, please contact the School Age Immunisation Team direct on 01283 707170 and select option 3.

Student safety walking to and from school

We have been made aware of two incidents recently where students have been approached by strangers in a car/van at the end of the school day/evening.

Whilst these incidents are rare and we do not wish to alarm our students, there is the need for them to be reminded of how they can ensure their personal safety on their way to and from school, and what to do if they are approached.

Tutors will be speaking to students during registration time about the following ways they can keep themselves safe.

  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times.
  • If you can, make sure that you walk with someone else or with a group of friends.
  • Should you be expecting a lift or bus and this does not arrive, come back in to school so that we can make contact with home for you.
  • Hide your wallet/purse and mobile phone in your pocket or bag. Make sure they’re not visible.
  • Be seen. Try not to use unlit streets and pathways, and isolated bus stops. If other people are around, this can prevent you appearing alone.
  • Be cautious when wearing headphones whilst you listen to music when you’re on your own as you might not hear what’s going on around you.
  • Make sure your mobile phone is charged, and you have enough credit/data allowance to text or call someone in an emergency.
  • If you go out after school, tell someone where you’re going, and when they can expect you back. Maybe send a text to let them know you got there.
  • Trust your feelings. If you think a place feels or looks unsafe, back away, go to somewhere you feel safe and call someone to meet you, but if you feel you are in danger, ring 999

We would appreciate parents/carers support in speaking to their child/children about this at home.

If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact school.