School publications – parental permissions

As a school we are incredibly proud of our students’ achievements.  Whether these are in or out of school, we enjoy celebrating our students’ successes by featuring these in school publications and sometimes on our website or in the local press.

One of the most anticipated publications is our twice-yearly School Review, distributed to parents and carers each January and July, which gives us the opportunity to feature stories and photographs of activities and achievements our students have been involved in either as groups or individuals.  Many parents and carers have commented that these provide a valued memento of their child’s time at Belper School.

In order to help ensure that names and images in our publications are used in accordance with your wishes, we are simplifying the way we collect and record parental permissions for this purpose.  A letter is being sent home with students today with further information.  You can read this letter by clicking here.

Term time holidays

To clarify the school’s position in relation to term time holidays:

The school will continue to apply the Government Guidelines for authorising term time holidays. These will only be authorised in exceptional circumstances – please see existing school Attendance Policy for more information.

Where a holiday has not been authorised the school will follow recent guidance from the Local Authority. Upon a student’s return to school, their 12 month attendance figure to that date will be examined. If the student has 94% attendance or less in the previous 12 months then it is quite likely that a fine will be issued.

The school has decided that any external exclusions will not play a part in the overall attendance figure for any student. The school’s Attendance Policy is under review to bring it into line with recent guidance from the Local Authority.
If you wish to apply for leave of absence, a form is available on request from the School Office or alternatively this can be downloaded from the Forms section of the website.