Years 12 to 13 – A Level

A Level Politics

Examination Board: Edexcel
Course Code: 9PL0

In the first year of the course, students study two modules. The first one focuses on People and Politics. It studies how political processes directly affect people’s lives. Students will assess the failings of our system and the politicians that operate it. There will also be a focus on how politics needs to appeal more to the public and become more responsive to our needs. The second unit focuses on how the UK is governed and those that make the decisions. This includes the law courts, royalty and parliament.

Students will also study politics in the USA. It will focus on recent developments in the American political system including the election of Donald Trump and the changes he  made. Students will study the political system of the USA and how it operates. They will focus on the power of the President and the relationship between federal government and the states. The course will be up to date with all recent developments in the USA.

Students will also study the three traditional political ideas of conservatism, liberalism and socialism.  They will learn about the core ideas and principles and how they apply in practice to human nature, the state, society and the economy, the divisions within each idea and their key thinkers.  They will also study one non-core political idea.

Suitable for students who are interested in:

– Current Affairs
– Decision Making
– Debate
– Discussion
– Society
– People

Leading to a career in:
– Politics
– Law
– Media
– Education
– Journalism

‘The ballot is stronger than the bullet’
Abraham Lincoln