Years 12 to 13 – A Level

A Level Sociology

Examination Board: AQA
Course Code: 7192

Sociology examines the structure of society. It looks at how society is organised and works through different social institutions. It also examines the different theoretical approaches to these. The examination is split into three papers focusing on different subject matter.

  • Paper one – Education with theory and methods
  • Paper two – Families and Households and Stratification and Differentiation
  • Paper three – Crime and Deviance with theory and methods

Students will be required to carry out research and analyse your findings.

Suitable for students who are interested in:

  • What is happening in society?
  • Equality and diversity?
  • Crime and its causes?
  • Changing role of women?
  • Carrying out research?
  • Changes in the education system?

 Leading to a career in:

This can lead to many different careers including teaching and many public service jobs including the police and emergency services.